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I'm not sure about you guys but i have personally loved the VHS films. Something about them has drawn me in since day one. Since the news of the third film i have gotten everything together for the films release bought the first two films on VHS tape.Now i am ready i don't know why this anthrology series has me hooked could it be the weird story lines,how far they push the boundaries or just the plain fact i am obsessed with found footage films. I am not sure if this one will out do the other two but the fact its "gone viral" is just the f++king icing on top. The other two have been closed circumstances or in a small circle of people. I am hoping this one takes the films to a close and spreads chaos in some way or another with the people finding these or how this is set up this time.

The official summary for vhs viral- Follows fame-obsessed teens who unwittingly become stars of the next internet sensation.

Sounds like some horrible plot for an mtv reality show about the latest celeb everyone is obsessed with. BUT with he last two films doing so well in my book this one is sure to do just as well.

So get ready for october 23rd vhs is going viral.

Here is a link for the Imdb page and the trailer below.



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