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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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Hey! I figured since I write about horror related stuff anyways, why not let you all know what my real life fears are. Things that are all possible, and have happened before. Keep in mind these aren't in any particular order..

Buried Alive

Already claustrophobic, being buried alive would be unbearable. Not being able to move as freely as I want would cause me to go crazy. And since I don't and won't have the guts to put myself out of my own misery. I'll probably suffer for a week at least..

Burned Alive

I hate being to hot. And burning myself on the stove top is already bad enough. So being set completely on fire is what would cause my downfall not only physically, but mentally first!

The Ocean / Sharks

For the ocean thing, my defense is simple. There are just to many things down there! Literally a WHOLE WORLD under our feet! With things a whole lot bigger than we are. Including of course, the Great..White..Shark. A frightening fish like many others that has an ancestor even more terrifying. And rumored to still be lurking in the deepest parts of the ocean; the Megalodon. Here is an absolutely FRIGHTENING size comparison.

A Mega Tsunami

Definitely my worst fear. A mega tsunami would hopefully cause immediate death upon seeing that humongous wave right in front of my face. It's a natural phenomenon, and hasn't risen to such heights in recent memory. Probably back in the early days of earth itself was it frequent. It would only happen if say a meteor hit the ocean bed, or maybe a mega earthquake. Causing it to rise to heights as high as 700 to 1000 feet high.... maybe even higher..

And here is a video of an unfortunately realistic depiction of what would happen if it got to such a point.

Eaten Alive By Insects

I can't even fathom the sight of seeing that many ants or insects at all being in one spot. And them eating me alive is worse. In and on every inch of the body, it would be a terrible death. Being bitten thousands of times every second until your body is nothing left but a corpse for them to take back to the queen for a delicious meal.

The Unknown

Whether it be what's in the deepest and darkest depths of the ocean, or the deepest and darkest depths of that abandoned house down the streets; the unknown is something I think frightens everyone to a degree. I also think the paranormal and mythical creatures exist in this category. Is there an afterlife? Ghost? Demons? Angels?. All stuff to ponder while I'm deep under my comfortable covers.

Here's a great example of something, like many other things, is scarily unknown to anyone, the ghost car. A video that still hasn't been completely understood yet.


No I can't be to far up from the ground. I didn't think it's a problem until I remember all of our bones and body parts bending in ways unwanted. Even if we do die instantly from a certain height, the thought is whats most painful.

Mega Earthquake

That image above is what I think of every time I hear the word ''earthquake''. This is probably less likely than a mega tsunami, but IS possible. And because of all of the recent earthquakes in the last few years, this fear has only gotten worse.

Being Stabbed

Because being cut even slightly can sting endlessly. So being stabbed must be 10x worse.

An Endless Float In The Infinite Space....of Space...

I don't know how possible this is, but to maybe fall from the moon or your spaceship would be horrifying. Even though I'm sure you can't fall from the moon, I would hate to float throughout space forever. Possibly running into meteors, aliens, or maybe even Jason...

But again those are just a few of my many fears. What are yours?



Which of These Is The Worst To YOU!


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