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David Meunier, perhaps best known for his fan-favorite role of Johnny Crowder in the FX series Justified, took some time to talk with me about his upcoming feature film, [The Equalizer](movie:4448), and new television series, Aquarius.

The Equalizer (Directed by Antoine Fuqua and written by Richard Wenk, Michael Sloan, and Richard Lindheim), due to be released September 26, 2014, is a film loosely based on the 1980s television show of the same name. "It's a new take on the 1980s television show," says Meunier. "They borrowed the concept and the name, but they made it their own."

In the film, Meunier plays opposite Denzel Washington as Slavi, the ruthless leader of the Russian mafia. "There's not a lot redeemable about my character," Meunier says. "I can't wish for the good grace of the audience." Slavi may not be a sympathetic character, but Meunier believes audiences will enjoy the film. "It's a fun movie. Audiences will enjoy watching how Denzel navigates with and around my character."

Meunier enjoyed working on The Equalizer as it gave him the opportunity to visit a city he had not traveled to in the past. "I'd never been to Boston before and it was on my list of places to go. I really loved the city and had a great time living and working there."

One of the main differences between working on a television show such as Justified and a film like The Equalizer is the pacing. "Working on a film and in television is very different," Meunier says. "One scene takes a week in a film while one scene in television can be done in a morning. I really like the pace of movies."

While he might enjoy the slower pace of working in film, Meunier is not shy about taking on television roles. He is currently working on a new NBC series. Aquarius, set in the 1960s, follows police detective Sam Hodiak (played by David Duchovny) as he tracks Charles Manson and his associates.

"The underlying story that propels the show from week to week is Charles Manson, but the show also addresses other issues of the time period," Meunier explains. "They really do a great job of covering a lot of territory. There were a lot of things going on in the country and in the world in the 1960s."
David Meunier on Criminal Minds
David Meunier on Criminal Minds

Meunier will be featured as Roy, a member of a motorcycle gang and muscle for Charles Manson. The show is due to be aired sometime in the new year and the first season will include thirteen episodes.

Looking at Meunier's work, one might think he seeks out the villainous roles, but he says that isn't the case at all. "I don't consider any of the roles I take on as bad or good. Instead, I let the audience make up their minds about them."

Like many actors, Meunier has found that once he played a certain kind of role more than once, he was offered more roles in that type. "I play damaged people and that has allowed me certain liberties as an actor." For example, Meunier's character on Revolution, Sgt. Will Strausser, was not entirely stable and allowed Meunier to tell the story he needed to tell for the character in a way that might be outside the norm. "All of the characters I play have something they're trying to accomplish. It's neither good nor bad." As for Johnny Crowder and Justified, Meunier explains, "[He] was trying to do what he needed to do to better himself. For some people, that was bad."

Meunier enjoyed working on Justified and is perhaps even a bit nostalgic for it. "It was a really great show to work on. Elmore Leonard, when he was alive, was very proud of the show. That's the best compliment we could have received."

In addition to The Equalizer and Aquarius, Meunier has worked on a few episodes of Legends with Sean Bean. He plays Richard Hubbard, a high school chemistry teacher. "I play a Russian again," Meunier jokes. "But this one isn't a bad guy. I play a good guy."

Look for Meunier in The Equalizer when it opens September 26 and on Aquarius when it premiers next year. You can follow Meunier on Twitter @david_meunier and view his collected works on IMDb.

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