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My favorite movie is Dark Knight, Im a huge marvel fan, and I want to be a comic writer!
Acen Chambers

So news just broke that we will be getting a Deadpool movie. I'm in no way a deapool fan but I like him and I am also extremely excited for the movie. So I went on the comments of some cites to share my excitement and what do I see

"Better be rated-R"

"Better bring back Ryan Renolds"

"Better not bring back Ryan Renolds"

"Its Fox so why bother"

"No cgi deadpool"

We have been fighting and waiting for a deadpool movie to be made and its finally in the process of being made. No casting news, No director attached, No trailer and everyone is already complaining already. This isn't just about deadpool, this is for all comic movies. Fantastic Four is already getting tons of hate, Ant-man is already thought of as a failure and lets not even talk about batman v superman. Learn to enjoy things comic fans, whether or not this movie will be good at least its gonna happen and lets just enjoy that....for once!


Excited for deadpool....of course you are


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