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Amy Martin

Why is it that so many celebrities have such exotic and incredible pets? I can only guess that it's simply because they are celebrities. Take a look at the pictures below of well known celebs and their strange animal companions, and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments!

Elvis with his Kangaroo, which was given to him by Hollywood agent Lee Gordan.

Kirstie Alley with her Pet Lemurs - These animals have a life span of 40 years, so Kirstie hires people to care for them at a cost of $50K US a year! Sheesh!

George Clooney and his Vietnamese Pot-Bellied pig Max.

Mike Tyson's pet Tiger, who appeared in The Hangover, along with Tyson.

Actress and animal rights activist Tippi Hedren with her pet Lion (1983)

Justin Beiber and pet Capuchin Monkey named Mally. Mally was seized last year in Germany after Beiber failed to provide the correct paperwork for his pet. No surprises there!

Kristen Stewart with her Wolf-Dog hybrid. Is this not the most beautiful creature you have ever seen?

'Slash' with his pet snake.

Paris Hilton's $13,000 Pomerian
Paris Hilton's $13,000 Pomerian

Which one of these pets is YOUR favorite?


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