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If you're a certain age, Sabrina the Teenage Witch will be an indelible part of your childhood. It was an endless fountain of positive adolescent reinforcement, reassuring you that whoever you were - a human, a witch, a witch's oddly stilted on-off jock boyfriend, a jerky animatronic cat that had no real reason to be as abrasive as it was (okay, okay, I won't pretend that I don't remember Salem's name. He was a dominant figure in all of our lives during the show's reign), a witch's aunt who seemed to be a slave to the beauty of her own neck - you were special.

Well guess what, folks!? That lesson was a big, fat LIE. But still, ten years after that show went off the air and we still have some pretty good memories. So, no better way to celebrate them, than taking a look back at the Sabrina cast...


Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina

Melissa was obviously the envy of every other teenage girl who wished they could have Sabrina Spellman's awesomely bad style (her maroon pleather pants still haunt my nightmares). The ability to use magic powers in high school? YES PLEASE! Since then, though, Melissa's life seems to have gotten a lot more normal (boring, my teenage self might call it). She got married in 2003 and now has three kids. She's also been working steadily since Sabrina, most notably on Melissa & Joey.


Caroline Rhea as Aunt Hilda

The slightly more unhinged of Sabrina’s aunts, Hilda was the one who tended to balls things up a little bit. On the flip side, though, she was the super cool aunt who would probably offer to buy you Goldschläger when your parents went out of the room. Since Sabrina, Rhea has been hosting TV shows, playing small parts in Disney Channel shows, and being as a stand up comedienne.


Beth Broderick as Aunt Zelda

Aunt Zelda was the less cool aunt. But what she lacked in coolness, she made up for in sass! Zelda kept everyone in the unconventional family out of trouble... Like, all the time. God only knows what Sabrina would've done with her powers without her! These days Beth has been in various projects, appearing as Kate's mom in Lost and playing Rose Twitchell on CBS' Under The Dome.


Nate Richert as Harvey

Who didn't have a crush on Harvey Kinkle? What. A. Babe. He was the quintessential boy next door: adorably naive, great hair and a big heart. Him and Sabs were perfect together, and when they broke up, I cried until at least dinnertime. Nowadays, Nate Richert isn't involved in much, but he did make an album titled Halogen Moon!


Lindsay Sloane as Valerie

Poor old Valerie! When I was eleven I may not have known what social anxiety meant, but I was pretty sure no one had it worse than me, either: "Just once I'd like to be in the cool crowd. Oh, I know that makes me sound really shallow, I hate that about myself!" Aww, Val. Since completing Sabrina she's been working on those issues, and is probably most famous for her role in Bring It On, and playing Charlie Day's fiancé in Horrible Bosses.


Jenna Leigh Green as Libby

Ahh, the b̶i̶t̶c̶h̶ girl we loved to hate, Libby was stuck-up, annoyingly hot, and hell bent on stealing Sabrina's boyf. She also proved the "nice guys finish last" theory right, as Jenna has had a fairly enviable career since the end of Sabrina. Jenna then played Wicked's Nessarose on Broadway and has continued her work on stage, as well as various guest-starring roles, most recently in Bones.


Martin Mull as Principle Kraft

That damn Principal Kraft, always sticking his nose where it's not wanted. AND he dated both Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda. Gross. Seems like someone liked him, though, because this guy has been insanely busy in his career since. He's Mr. Munn on The Ellen Show, appears in Dads with Seth Green, and plays Russell on Two and a Half Men. Oh yeah, and you'd better believe it, kids: Martin Mull is now Gene Parmesan from Arrested Development!


Nick Bakay as Salem

"Dogs guard. Cats watch...and judge." Salem Saberhagen was a 500 year old warlock who was turned into a cat as punishment for trying to take over the world. But, despite his crusty exterior, I'll never forget the first time I saw this kitty in pantaloons... Nick Bakay, the voice of Salem, is probably the most prolific cast member. He continues to do voices, as well as scripting other shows. Sorry though, Nick. To me, you'll always be THIS guy:



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