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When we got wind of the rumor that one member of The Vampire Diaries holy trio could be leaving after season 6, a lot of eager fingers pointed in Nina Dobrev's direction.

Elena might not be the most loved character in Mystic Falls these days, but if Nina Dobrev left the show after season six it could spell rough times ahead for [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853).

Don't believe me? Here are my reasons why it's totally not time for Elena Gilbert to exit the building!

She IS The Vampire Diaries

Like it or lump it, Elena Gilbert is the central axis of the Vampire Diaries universe. The entire show was built around her and the love triangle, and while this dynamic is getting a little tired, it's still an enormous part of the show.

If Nina Dobrev quit after season 6, shifting the focus of TVD has potential to seem clumsy and forced. It will take more time to alter the fabric of Mystic Falls and drag all of our eyes onto another all-encompassing storyline.

People are always complained that Elena is acting like everything is about her, but it actually is!


Nina Dobrev Is the Best Actress in Mystic Falls

Stop! Don't shoot! I know this one will infuriate a lot of people, but hear me out...

Nina Dobrev has consistently proved she is the best actress on the show by portraying two wildly different characters, and managing to seamlessly scrunch her face into all of Elena's wild mood swings show what this girl can do.

Losing an acting talent like this would be a huge blow to TVD, with versatility like this, Dobrev could do so much with Elena instead of moving on to pastures news.


Season Six Could be Elena's Big Moment, Why Stop There?!

Although the trailers all focus on Elena's desperate quest to get Damon back, I think the storytelling will develop Elena as a character throughout season 6.

These teasers are just showing fans what they wanted to see, but there is huge potential for Elena to explore herself as a single person and learn more about handling life as a vampire and a med student.

You cannot deny that Elena has grown enormously as a character, although she is still flawed, and season 6 provides the perfect arena for Elena to grow and evolve.

This character has so much potential that it would be a shame to throw it all away.


But If You Can't Warm to Elena, At Least You Can Love to Hate Her...

I know I am always defending Elena, but I am the sort of person who just loves to hate!

Sure, Elena can be bratty, immature, self-centred and overly emotional, but she always brings the drama and is central to the majority of TVD storylines.

Sometimes I want to smash my TV in with rage at Elena's antics, but at least she always keeps me entertained. Her erratic personality is often irrational, but you know Elena wants to be a good person and that makes it hard for me to totally loathe her.

That's what I like best about Elena's character, it almost feels like a turbulent relationship with a close friend. She exasperates me, but I also understand what is behind her behavior.

We have traced Elena's life for five seasons now and we all know what she's been through.

Really, would me or you do any better?

If Nina Dobrev left the show, I'm confident it wouldn't be long before we are all begging for her back. Be careful what you wish for, guys!


...Did I mention Delena?

I don't know if you know about it, but there's this little thing called 'Delena'.

This is the pivotal ship of TVD fandom, and one that is hugely important to so many people's enjoyment of the show.

So many comments I read claim that people would stop watching the show without some steamy Delena action, and I don't think this is an idol threat...


Boys Need Eye Candy Too!

TVD has an overwhelmingly female fandom, but loads of lads tune into the show too!

Sure, Bonnie and Caroline are totally easy on the eye, but Elena is the Damon of the pack for most of the guys I've spoken too.

It would be unfair to tear away their eye candy while we devour ours with our eager eyes!


Do you want Nina Dobrev to leave The Vampire Diaries?


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