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It sometimes seems as though Amy Adams is nominated for an Academy Award every year (though, in fact, it's actually only, uh, 5 out of the past 9...), which makes it all the more surprising that she hasn't actually won one yet.

That could all be about to change with the imminent release of Tim Burton's new period bio-pic, Big Eyes. The story of artist Margaret Keane (Adams), the film details her peculiar and tragic early art career, during which her husband took credit for her work.

With Burton being a long-time collector of Keane's work, the film is obviously a passion-project for the director, but there's also been a lot of early-Oscar buzz for Adams's portrayal of the artist. You can see what you think her chances are - the trailer's below:

See what I mean?

There's glamour...

There's weirdness...

There's Oscar-baiting emotional scenes...

It's almost as though Adams and Burton want to win awards for the film they've worked on for ages...

[Big Eyes](movie:910050) is set for release Christmas 2014. And, presumably, for an appearance at the Oscars in 2015.


What do you guys think? Will Burton's Big Eyes get Adams an Oscar?

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