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As it heads towards it's third and final season, creator Aaron Sorkin is interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about what's ahead.

Here are a few stand outs from the article:

Kat Dennings, star of 2 Broke Girls, will play Reese's (Chris Messina) half-sister, who along with her brother/Reese's half-brother, owns "a 45-percent share of the controlling stock in the company," which then leads to some inevitable trouble on the show.

There will also be some focus on an inappropriate tweet that Hallie (Grace Summer) posts, and one of the show's characters and their entanglement in a battle between journalistic ethics and the government.

"Our people have a story that was given to them by a government whistleblower and the Justice Department wants the name of their source and they won't give it up, so we see how far they're willing to go for that."

says Sorkin.

Sorkin also reveals that Will (Jeff Daniels) and Mac's (Emily Mortimer) engagement at the end of Season 2 is going to eventually lead to a wedding.

"I knew going into this season that they're gonna have to get married. There's gonna have to be a wedding. How do you do a wedding that we haven't seen before on TV? And I think we came up with a way."

The Newsroom will return to HBO with six episodes for a third and final season on November 9.

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