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Now that How I Met Your Mother has ended after 9 seasons, it is now your chance to own a prop from the set.

"When the end was still a ways off, we were all like, 'Whatever I get, I get, it's not a big deal — memories are all I need. Then when the end got closer, people were suddenly like, 'MINE!'"

said Craig Thomas, who along with Carter Bays, talked to Yahoo!TV

Neil Patrick Harris has walked away with Barney's Playbook, Cobie Smulders has appropriately taken Robin Sparkles' denim jacket, and Alyson Hannigan ended up with the little red phone booth from Lily and Marshall's apartment, but only after fighting over it with Bays, but he didn't go empty handed though - he ended up with the swords from the apartment.

To celebrate the release of HIMYM Season 9 on DVD, The Prop-erty Vault will be giving out bits and pieces from the show to winners of a random draw.

Are you going to try and win something? Let me know what and if you do get your hands on something!

(Source: TVGuide)


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