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"Crossover Customs" are something everyone loves to see, and I have made these one of a kind figures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as famous horror characters. Calling them Teenage Mutant Horror Turtles, I have made Leo Voorhees, Raph Krueger, Mikey Myers, and Leatherangelo.

I put a lot of detail into each figure, with little bonuses too. Leo Voorhees comes with a machete and severed head. Raph Krueger has a claw with two blades and removable hat. Mikey Myers has a butcher knife and the thorn tattoo on his wrist as a cool little detail. And lastly is Leatherangelo who comes with a chainsaw.

These are all one of kind customs, and I have more planned. More of my work can be found on Facebook at Joe Amato Custom Creations.

Raph Krueger
Raph Krueger

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