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Before you read this article, be aware that there will be spoilers for season 4!

The last time we seen Charles Dance as the stern, commanding Tywin Lannister, he was crouched over a privy staring at his inevitable doom. Before him stood Tyrion Lannister, the son he had lambasted for years and held barely any feelings towards bar animosity and disgust, holding a crossbow that would signal his demise. With his death we presumed that Tywin Lannisters, and Charles Dances', time in HBO's Game of Thrones had been over. Like many of our beloved characters, his time in Westoros seemed at an end.

But that may not be the case... In the spoiler below I have given some ideas to what he may be talking about...

A flashback regarding the true backstory of Tyrions first wife Tysha and the deceit that he and Jaime made Tyrion believe. Tysha was in fact not a whore. Perhaps he may merely feature as a corpse at his funeral, or even something altogether new.

Dance refuses to elaborate on his ambiguous interview... Check it out below

Source: MTVUK


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