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For years - and especially during the making of The Dark Knight - die-hard comic book fans have been begging for the psychiatrist-turned-psychotic Harley Quinn to appear in one of DC's upcoming films. According to Variety, they may well see that soon, as DC/WB are circling David Ayer as a possible director for a Suicide Squad film.

Gorgeous Gif by sithhappen on Tumblr
Gorgeous Gif by sithhappen on Tumblr

Last month, DC and WB Entertainment announced a long list of dates for movie releases, which loosely matched the words of one Nikki Finke, who shifted fans' dreams into hyperdrive with a list of DC movies she says are up-and-coming. The original article is gone, for certain reasons that aren't really related to this particular piece. Director, Producer, Writer, and Walrus-Positive Activist, Kevin Smith later confirmed that he knew about this lineup, but could not say anything about it.

It would be hard to imagine the Suicide Squad now without Harley. She's a fairly iconic staple on the team and has been using her madness for vigilantism rather than sheer evil. The idea of a movie circling around antagonists is already in development over at Sony for Sinister Six, though the Suicide Squad does exist in it's own capacity, away from opposing only one single title hero.

The Suicide Squad of the Arrow universe
The Suicide Squad of the Arrow universe

What's more, the Suicide Squad has already appeared on CW's [Arrow](series:720988), and everyone involved with DC/WB, including Arrow's Stephen Amell, has said that the television and movie universes are separate. With DC spreading their TV titles out over every major US network (save for ABC, because, hello Disney/Marvel!) it also seems like the shows themselves might occur in different universes as well.

Whatever happens, it's interesting to see that DC is seemingly revving up it's production schedule over the next few years. It's a little confusing, sure - the Marvel universe is completely cohesive, with film and tv working together for one big storyline - but, as the mantra goes, we'll have to wait and see.


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