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I find cool fan-made things on the internet all the time, and nothing makes me happier than seeing dedicated and talented fans push the borders of what's possible in art, cosplay, and in this case, films. I've been a fan of Static for years, and it just made me extra happy seeing him get some love in this amazing form.

Yavez Fuller has been hard at work making an unofficial Static Shock movie - writing the script and acting in the starring role as DC comics' Virgil Hawkins, AKA Static.

The filmmaker has this to say on his official tumblr blog, StaticPhenomenon:

Hi, im making a “Static Shock” live action Fan film. This wil be closely related to the TV series from the Early 2000’s. Side note: I look just like Virgil and i already act like him. I'm only 19, not in school and currently have no funding so mine may not look as pretty as the other 2 films but it will have the feel of the show for sure :) My film is Called Static Shock “Phenomenon” - ”Young Virgil Hawkins wakes up with new abilities and becomes Static, Dakota City’s protector and Hero, with the help of his best friend Richie always there to help every step of the way. Episode 1 is still in production” and is gonna consist of mini episodes. That's right this is a fan film miniseries I'm working on, leading up to a 15 minute final Fan Film.

Here's a concept teaser that I found really gorgeous:

And here is the very first episode! It does my heart good just knowing it exists. Static is a great and important character who needs more love, and talented fans showing that love is amazing.

Lastly, enjoy some more awesome promo shots! Thanks for reading and checking out this dedicated fan film maker. It's been a while since there've been any updates, but if Fuller decides to make more Static, I'd be... ecstatic.

(Sorry about that. The pics are better than my puns. Promise.)


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