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If you've read some of my articles, you probably assume that I am not too keen on how Warner Bros has been handling DC superhero movies.

And you'd be right.

That being said it seems to me that they may finally be on the right path. And it has nothing to do with the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice because while I think Zach Snyder is a director with a strong visual sense, he's all about visuals, and less about story.

What gives me hope is that David Ayer (the writer of Training Day and director of End Of Watch and the upcoming Brad Pitt starrer, Fury, and many others) is circling a movie based on DC's Suicide Squad.

His visceral, real-world style of filmmaking–almost the anti-Zach Snyder, if you will–could potentially bring an intensity and a groundedness to DC superhero movies that they have so far been lacking.


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