BySamantha Munoz, writer at

Even though the Gotham premiere is only 3 days away, Fox seems quite anxious about getting more footage from the pilot out there. 6 (although only 5 seem to work) new clips from the pilot have been released which leads me to think that we'll be seeing very little "new" footage when the pilot actually airs on Monday. Though I'm worried about what this might mean for Monday's episode, I'm really happy that we get a (more than a little) look at the premiere.

The sixth link, which seems to have been taken down, is titled "Yes, Captain" and was supposed to show Detective Bullock having a conversation with his captain, Sarah Essen. Hopefully, the video will be re-uploaded soon for us to watch.

What do you think about these new clips? Are you excited for Gotham's premiere on the 22nd? Sound off below!


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