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Since its release in cinemas on September 11th The Maze Runner has been doing really well, audiences are loving the movie, especially those who are fans of the book. After the premiere of The Maze Runner on September 19th, I went around twitter seeing what fans had to say about the movie, and I can tell you, it was all good! You can say for certain that Maze runner fans are especially pleased with how well the movie turned out.

@Maddie15Taylor: "Amazing adaptation of the incredible story we fell in love with from the start!"

People often say "A book is ruined by it's movie" that wasn't the case with The Maze Runner.

@AgustRiios: "This movie was the best adaptation from a book I have ever seen, everything was perfect."

Despite all the changes, fans still think the movie is amazing, the differences are what made the movie that much better.

@AllisonStydia: "It was different from the book, but I still loved it."

Every aspect of the movie was done perfectly.

@stilesluv24: "aMAZEing acting/directing/writing/cinematography!"

Every single actor no matter how small the part did a fantastic job!

@zonkobrien: "An amazing experience! The actors did an amazing job of portraying the characters!"

The way Wes told the story it brought on so many different emotions at once. Especially for that crazy ending.

@Dancer730: "I'm so happy and sad and excited and overall content it was so well done."

The entire movie was one hell of a crazy adventure!

@Nasrul_Aimin: "The Maze the most amazing adventure movie ever."

Wes Ball has done a great job with the movie, staying true to James Dashner's novel, so of course fans everywhere are incredibly happy because of how well Wes brought the book to life on screen.

@Fangirl_Musings: "Overall, it was an amazing movie. It captured the feel of the book perfectly. Amazing acting and amazing effects."

All in all The Maze Runner was a truly incredible movie!

@juliaritchi3: "Probably the best movie I've ever seen."

@THEMAZElSACODE: "Best shuckin' movie of 2014"

The Maze Runner was in one word, a masterpiece.

@ShellLoveStiles: "Cinematic masterpiece of our time."

The Maze Runner is out in theatres worldwide so be sure you watch it cause it is one movie you will really love!


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