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Now some of you guys might agree or disagree but after painfully watching this movie. After I've painfully endured that horrible transformation of Justin Long I stayed up all night on deciding whether I liked it or hated it. And the conclusion: I like it.

I'm a Kevin Smith fan and my friends are not. I enjoy his indie films very much and when I saw this trailer I thought it was going to be great. I mean obviously it would be a satire but it had its moment where your like, "damn" or "wtf".

My friends are probably going to shun me forever and never let me pick out a movie and I understand why they didn't like it. I really do. It's because they're idiot (no they're not). They didn't like it because it was absolutely stupid. And it's true, the film is incredibly stupid. And to be fair, the acting could be better. So call me weird but I enjoyed this idiotic movie.

I won't go in detail of the movie, scene by scene but I will talk about a few. Mainly the seems that made go "damn" "LMAO" and "WTF"

***Spoiler Territory***

The Damn

So the first scene that made me go damn was when Justin Long's character Wallis is drugged by Michael Parks character Howard, who reveals to Wallis that he intends on making him into a walrus and Wallis terrified, screams for help only for Howard to start mocking him and makes snarling noises in a way that sounds like a walrus.

The next scene has to do with Wallis's girlfriend Allison and his best friend Teddy and that the fact they are together. Allison is cheating on Wallis with Teddy. That just ain't right, but in her defense she knows that Wallis apparently cheated numerous times when he's out of town.

Ok so in this next scene I'm going to discuss made me go "damn this film has great potential" is when Howard is sowing Wallis's arms and feet together and in that scene he tells him that as a young boy both his parents died, he was then sent to a catholic orphanage where he was beaten, tortured, and raped. It was actually a pretty heavy scene. Below I placed a pic of the schematics on how to turn a man into the Walrus.


There is only one WTF moment in the film and that is the scene where you see Justin Long become the Walrus. I didn't know if I should be disgusted or laughing. Sadly there are no pictures of it, but I could describe it. It's easy. Imagine a walrus body but sowed in with human skin and Justin Long's face with Tusk. That's it. I still don't know what to think of it. That is when the movie went down hill.


Alright so the character Howard has some serious issues and it seems like he kinda has some weird Oedipus complex or something, idk. But in the end scene he puts himself in a walrus suit and forces Wallis to fight to the death. Yeah, 2 men dressed as Walrus's fighting to the death. It's incredibly stupid but I laughed hysterically.

Now in conclusion this is a horrendous film. But it's my favorite horrendous film. It's just so bad... So bad. This is the kind of films Kevin Smith does, its a satire. These are the films I enjoy watching, but it's an acquired taste. I understand if most people would hate this filmI recommend you don't see it UNLESS your a Kevin Smith fan or you think you are a fan of these type of films because you will strangely enjoy it. And yes I know, I'm crazy but it's just a movie.

...Or is it?


Did you guys like TUSK?


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