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Last night 20th Century Fox posted out on social media that a Deadpool film is coming and its coming as soon as February 12th 2016!

Tim Miller is still set to direct the film, Miller isn't a very big director but he has an Oscar Nomination for a short film and also worked on the effects for Scott Pilgrim VS The World.

As of yet no one has been singed on for the cast but it is expected that Ryan Reynolds who played the merc with a mouth in "X-Men Origins Wolverine" will reprise his role as Wade Wilson/Deadpool.

A lot of you may not be happy that Reynolds will be playing the character again as X-Men Origins is a very unpopular film among fans. But I recommend you re-visit that film and watched the first 20 minutes or so to watch Reynolds as the character, he may be the best part of that film. He did a great job as the character, its just the movie's depiction of the character wasn't very good.

In the comics, Deadpool is a very Rated R character, he swears like a sailor and kills in the goriest way possible. I have a feeling that the film will be rated PG-13 and that's isn't necessarily a bad thing. Yes, we won't have as much gore or bad language but a few weeks ago, a 'leaked' video of test footage for a Deadpool film popped online and fans loved it! That video featured one F bomb and hardly any blood. Take a look:

Isn't that just perfect?! If we can get a 2 hour long movie that incorporates the humor, wit and action that the test footage above features, then we are in for a great movie!

With X-Men Days Of Future Past done and dusted now, the timeline has been reset, which means the events of "X-Men Origins Wolverine" haven't happened, so Deadpool doesn't have the sword arms or a taped up mouth anymore, so we should get a better depiction of the character!

What do you guys think? Are you excited for a DEADPOOL movie?


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