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In 1984, South Korea unleashed a rather obscure anime film that was derivative of Japan's Video Warrior Laserion (which was the first super robot anime to combine themes of virtual reality with the traditional super robot concept). The film was known as Video Ranger 007 (Korean: 비디오 레인져 007), and despite what some people think, this is not related to the James Bond franchise.

While Japan's Laserion character had a somewhat gigantic robot design, the protagonist robot used in Video Ranger 007 looks like a cross between Voltron and a Diaclone-type robot, and it even carries a laser sword. The robot also transforms into a jet plane.

Diaclone was a Japanese toy franchise that existed in the early 1980's that was the precursor to the American Transformers franchise. This could mean that Transformers was once a Japanese thing, and since South Korea outlawed Japanese media at the time, they unleashed a movie released in 1984 called Phoenix-bot Phoenix King. The movie used a Diaclone-type transformable fire engine as the protagonist robot. I wrote an article on that exact movie, so feel free to check it out. Similarly, South Korea also unleashed another Diaclone derivative in 1986 called Micro Commando Diatron 5, which I believe also features the heroic elements you can find in Japan's Brave Raideen.

Part of the movie's opening theme song sounds like Giorgio Moroder's type of synth-pop music, while the rest of the score seems highly orchestrated.

The robot used in the movie looks awesome, and I think this makes Laserion look heck of a lot better! I've never seen a bit of Laserion, but I did seen the first 13 minutes of Video Ranger 007 on YouTube one time, before I moved from Riverside, California to Glendale, Arizona. From what I saw in the opening title sequence, the action of the robot, including its transformation and the cool theme music, all that makes this the best South Korean anime of the mid-1980s, don't you think?


What are your thoughts on Video Ranger 007?


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