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The new Spider-Man saga that started off back in 2012 with Marc Webb directing it has been received with mostly positive reviews but there are still many people that talk crap about it and don't like it. So, here are my thoughts on why The Amazing Spider-Man saga is truly Amazing and also my thoughts on why many people hate the new movies and why they shouldn't.

Back in 2007, when Spider-Man 3 came, fans were very pissed, it had ruined our very loved character Venom. So, fans still wanted this problem to be fixed because they completely loved Spider-Man & 2. Spider-Man 4 started production and a Spider-Man 5 was also announced to be filmed back to back. Fans were exited because this probably meant that with 2 more movies on their way, maybe it would be able to fix the problems it had also left. Obviously, the future of the franchise had many difficulties and shortly after many release dates being pushed and pulled, the production was CANCELLED. Believe me, I was very happy because I hated the Sam Raimi trilogy. Many fans were very mad because of this and when "The Amazing Spider-Man" was announced and released, most of the people enjoyed it and really liked it but some people just seem to hate it. It wasn't that they hated the movie, it's just that they hated the fact of having to start another saga... and that's what didn't allow them to enjoy "The Amazing Spider-Man" or to see the many things that the movie did better than it's predecessor franchise. So, yeah. It was the same nostalgia that affected the thoughts of many people.


The 2 newest Spider-Man movies are awesome, it's able to combine every element that Spider-Man has in the comics such as; The motherly relationship between Peter and May, the huge effect of Ben's death, the troubled relationships that always end tragically, the first and second personality of Peter; from an awkward geeky boy to a secure man. The responsibility, the gone-wrong cruel villains, etc. In the Spider-Man trilogy, it feels like Spider-MAn/Peter is not even a teenager, I mean... yes in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" Peter does not look like a teenager but looks very young. In the first trilogy it feels that Peter is a grown man on his 30's that is still a little crying bitch and doesn't know if he wants to go out with a very bad interpretation of Mary Jane. In the new series, Gwen is a responsible woman that understands Peter with all her heart, not like the Mary Jane that would always get trapped by the villains.


What The Amazing Spider-Man Saga is doing so great is that they are building a universe. Not just a trilogy saga or a saga with 4 movies... not, a universe. The [The Amazing Spider-Man 3](movie:671279), [The Amazing Spider-Man 4](movie:1004341), [Sinister Six](movie:1274281), Venom Carnage and the female-centered movie are coming out and all I can think is that it's amazing how this saga is able to do a huge universe using only one character Spider-Man, Unlike the current universes like Marvel's that has Iron-Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, etc... or the X-Men universe that can give off so many spin-offs from many characters such as Deadpool, Wolverine. The Amazing Spider-Man is doing the same thing but with one character. Although the spin-off movies have not been released yet, we all know that this saga is very secure of itself and will do great ad it develops.

Many people also got mad at the characters that are (according to the angry fans) "misused" in "The Amazing Spier-Man 2" such as Alistair Smythe, Rhino, Felicia and Norman. I honestly love that they did that because it gives us a sense that the universe is bigger, kind of telling us "Hey, this character exists and that character exist". I mean, we all know those characters are going to reappear in future sequels/spin-offs, so they are not necessarily misused, they are just introduced to be developed. Also, people got mad at the final scene which concludes with and badass unfinished battle between Rhino and Spidey. Spider-Man is going to hit, hit him, hit him, and suddenly the logo appears. First of all, don't worry we are seeing Rhino again, it has been confirmed. And secondly, I took that scene very positively because for me, the manhole directing to Rhino kind of meant a message; "To Be Continued". Again, it made feel something bigger was coming this way.

I'm very exited for the rest of this series, with the amazing cast, the amazing future projects and everything else. I love this new saga and I encourage you to fin everything that is so good about this new saga and I'll bet you everything will get better. Than you for reading, make sure to type your opinions in the comment section and i'm off for now.


What future project are you most exited about?


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