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Ryan Danger Dunbrack

So if you don't just watch the link there here's the written review:

I really liked the episode it was almost as good as Listen it made me go re-watch Listen just to see which one is better but I still think Listen was better this is definitely my #2 this series so far.

All the new characters were great and I hope they return, Psi was great and his (SPOILERS) scene was amazing it was a great introduction to a character I really hope returns.

The Teller was great he was really original and looked very alien-y, by that I mean it looked like something from outerspace. At the end when everything is rapped up and answered the twists as well as explanations are both great, it brings it around full circle in an amazing way.

I really thought Galifrey was going to come up at the end but the end was still amazing and more than I could have imagined.

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