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Director Steve Cutts takes a sobering and satirical look at the cartoon icons that we grew up with, dealing with the harsh realities of celebrity and growing old. Much like the characters in Who Framed Roger Rabbit's Toon Town, this short treats all of the classic cartoon characters of our youth, as if they were living real lives. This is not just a look into fictional characters, but shines a mirror at the sometimes cruel world that we exist in.

From Garfield to He-Man this unforgiving short looks at what would happen if our favorite childhood heroes of the 80's grew up and had to face the real world. It's ruthless, heartbreaking and funny, but also makes you think of the perspective that you had on your heroes as a kid and how your view on the world has grown since then. It's cleverly done, however the voice acting leaves much to be desired. See if you can spot all the cameos in the background. Enjoy the short film!

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