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Before the release of Godzilla we got the "sneak peek" of the new and improved Godzilla. People were not impressed. Godzilla's face and body had changed. Godzilla had gained weight and had a new look almost entirely. What got people really bothered was the weight change. "He's fat!" Said someone. "He's HUGE!" Said another. Before we get to the weight topic, lets get the face topic out of the picture. Godzilla has been in countless of fights over the decades and even centuries. Is it possible he is more "aged?" He can have a few scars and look a little beat up. After all he has saved Earth many times. All I can say is... Can we give them some slack? If you paid attention to the film, they awoken Godzilla in 1954. Ever since then, they have tried killing him, but he dissapeared for decades. He fights the MUTOs in the film in 2014. How long ago was his last fight? They don't mention that. We saw the skeleton of caterpillar style of a creature in the Philippines in 1994. Did the MUTOs kill that creature or Godzilla? It could have been a while since Godzilla's last fight. That could explain the weight gain. After all, you gain a few pounds just lying around the house, it can easily happen to Godzilla. I'm sure Monster Island doesn't have a Planet Fitness or anything, so can you blame the weight change?

With the news of Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah coming in for the next film, could we see a change in Godzilla? Very possible. He could get a new look, a slimmer body and new atomic breath? Yes that's right...Rodan could sacrifice himself to protect Godzilla and give the power of a Fire Rodan to Godzilla. That's how it happened in the other films. Its how Godzilla gets the Spiral Red Atomic Breath. It would be a nice twist to the story and change up the characters. We could see that in the next film or not...don't quote me here. Now for the story, we can have Ken Wantanabe's character make a return and the Monarch crew go to Godzilla's nest/home and study him and the location. When they stumble upon a red rock that glew a cherry red. It breaks open and King Ghidorah begins growing. Mothra and Rodan are drawn to the power and sound of King Ghidorah and fight with Godzilla to take out the new foe. The setting could take place on Monster Island. Only a few human characters to lessen the "human" factor and give us more monsters and massive fight scenes. People were not fond of not having enough "Godzilla" in Godzilla. Now with the other monsters, Legendary and Toho could revamp the classic creature with a newer look. Granted we want a classic look to the newer versions, but with some different to them. Mothra dosen't have to be a larva with a massive head. Mothra could be a moth form already and help fight with Godzilla. Rodan could have the same look, but with more color and desgin. King Ghidorah could have a shiny gold color to his body and have the skin roughness of an aligator to really amp up the toughness. Now I didn't forget the powers, all creatures should have the same powers as they did in the older movies. It will look better with the resources we have now.

With the second of three Godzilla movies coming out in 2018, we could see a new and improved Godzilla and friends. We shall see if Legendary will change the King of Monsters or not. They gambled once and paid off. Do they risk it again? Who knows! All we know is that we are getting a remake of a classic showdown between four classic creatures. I am excited to see what they will do for the next movie and how they will introduce the monsters. Remember we got a slight glimpse of Godzilla early on in the trailers. It could be like that again with the news of the other monsters. With the DVD release on the 16th of this month we got some inside information on how they created the new Godzilla and the MUTOs. Gave us a better prespective on how much work and effort went through this project to give us the Godzilla we now know. I am happy with the new Godzilla. Are you?

Well readers what do you think? Will Legendary change [Godzilla](movie:45291) in the future films? Or will they stick to their guns and keep him the way he is? Anything you would like to add? Comment below! Remember we are all friends here so play nice!


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