ByAdam Justin Santos, writer at
Adam Justin Santos

There's storm and sorry you're caught in the middle of it. Really? Well this film is something different where it sits on almost every single superhero satire from its Kevin Smith's Blun-tman & Chronic as well as the campy 1960's Adam West Batman as its inspiring feels to the film.

Of course the movie is only in pre-production but let's not forget that its a force to be laugh at...wait I meant to mess with? Okay I love having some humor into a Dark Comedy/Action/Sci-fi film.

The Director who is mostly a Horror movie director legit takes a STAB, at the comedy as a director because he loves Superhero films and feels this film is something refreshing and original at its base. Leaving the question what is this movie really about?

Well how about two friends who brought a lottery ticket and SOMEHOW, won the lottery (With Taxes taken out.), Manage to buy a mansion, Comic Book & Research & Development lab to become superheroes and fight crime.

Basically, the whole movie plot in a nutshell with some jabs at pop culture superheroes from comics to the movies. Let's hope its the most interesting to come out in the next 3 years.

Well its release date is sometime in 2015/Early 2016. Well hopefully enjoy it.


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