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Idris Elba, know for his role as Heimdall in the Thor films as part of the collective Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently answered a question many have been curious about over the course of development for the new and upcoming Luke Cage Netflix series. When asked recently on a Reddit question and answer session, Elba says he is not Luke Cage, but that somebody definitely is already:

Uh, I think there's an actor already signed on for it, fortunately or unfortunately.

While Elba didn't specifically say he was not the one cast as the role, Marvel has yet to cast any actors from previous films in any other developments. After all, having one actor to play two parts defeats the purpose of a combined cinematic universe, right? That is, unless your Vin Diesel who is rumored to play the Inhuman Black Bolt (a voiceless character 99% of the time), and also voices Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. However, since the two characters don't use either of the same components from Vin, it could work, but that's an argument for a different time.

Idris Elba seems to have been informed that Luke Cage has already been cast, and due to his Marvel Studios connections, as well as the fact that he was rumored to be up for the part before his involvement with the studio, his word is much more likely to be accurate than anyone else we've heard from so far.

There's always the possibility that Elba's going off of source amnesia, and then again, we know Marvel's pretty secretive about everything before they announce the information to the public. Do you think Luke Cage has already been cast, or is Idris Elba simply misinformed? Sound off in the comments below!



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