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Delisa Elizabeth

This is strictly my opinion so don’t jump down my throat or write a ten-page article about how you’re right and I am wrong.

Frozen is hyped beyond belief, it really is. I am entitled to have my opinion just like everyone else so if you don’t agree, don’t go out of your way to try to make me feel bad, it is how I feel, two people are not going to like the same thing.
In this world I was taught to respect other people’s thoughts and/or feelings.

Don’t try to be a pretentious know it all just because you are riding the Frozen train. If you don’t like what I have to say please just go somewhere else, don’t make an effort to be rude or obnoxious.

I can name 10 other Disney movies that deserve more praise than this overly obnoxious Disney movie. I don’t care about a snowman that talks or rock trolls? Seriously what is that?

The movie was cute but felt rushed; I know Disney movies have tons of singing but for some reason the singing got on my nerves in this movie.
I would definitely watch the movie with my little sister because that is what I would do but I wouldn’t buy the movie to add to my Disney collection.
Who cares if Frozen is on the TV guide? Is that a thing that I have to care about?

I have seen other movies or shows on the TV guide and haven’t thought twice about it.

I don’t care if the sisters from Frozen are going to be on Once Upon A Time which FYI I absolutely love that show so it may be good, maybe.

Again don’t jump down my throat because you are upset that someone isn’t being a sheep and conforming to what others want, it is ok to follow your own song and dance.

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