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Marvel Studios is now in full-swing development for Ant-Man, a project that to many sounds like a parody film, but in reality may just be one of Marvel's most revolutionary movies yet. Evangeline Lilly's new post from the set of Ant-Man along with rapper T.I. and Dark Knight actor David Dastmalchian hints that the two will be playing villains in the film, suggested by the hashtag . The picture was later deleted, leading us to believe that the hint was indeed true.

In other news, Michael Douglas seems to be very open about the Ant-Man project so far, and has left no fan hanging when it comes to finding out just what direction is being taken. The famed actor recently sat down with interviewers to share a bit about the heist film, specifically about his co-stars and the Ant-Man suit itself.

"Paul Rudd is ripped. He’s been training and working out for this picture for a long time. He was so cut, that they had to soften his costume up, with all the built-in six-packs and all of that."

It's been hard to tell just how serious Douglas is about these claims, as it was a source of some joking at Comic-Con, but it was definitely noted that Paul Rudd had begun to shape up a bit in April before the filming was delayed. When asked on his opinion of the fresh new director for the film, Peyton Reed, he had only good things to say:

He's good. I haven't started yet, actually — I go down tomorrow, and it's my first day. So I've met him a couple times, but he seems to be in control of this beast, this wild beast. Marvel has got it down to a science, pretty much, and they've got kind of a phenomenal track record. I love this picture they did this summer, Guardians of the Galaxy. It's really good! I think that's given Marvel the confidence to step out in this whole new area, so I'm looking forward to adding to it.

He also had some to say on the rumors that he could be playing an alternate version of Ant-Man (such as Giant-Man or Colossus):

"My costume will be hung up, and Paul will be wearing it in good form."

Looks like the 69-year-old actor won't be playing a superhero after all, but Marvel has this awesome habit of making sequel movies, so there's always more possibilities for him to take on a supersuit then. I say habit, but as of right now, every Marvel movie that has hit theaters, with the exception of the Hulk, has a sequel, is a sequel, or has a sequel in active development. Could Douglas's character Henry "Hank" Pym eventually take on the mantle once more? Let us know what you think!



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