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Amy Martin

There have been some rumors drifting about over the past few years that a 'Crow' remake could be happening in the near future. Being an avid fan of the original flick, I was quite upset when I first heard the news, so have been on the look out for any signs regarding production of the film. Actor Bradley Cooper originally said he would play the classic role of Eric Draven (before dropping out), and there have also been rumors of actors such as Mark Wahlberg, Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans signing up to portray the character.

So first off I'd like to say, The Crow was made in 1994, so the film itself is only a mere 20 years old - there's plenty more films in need of a remake. On top of that, the flick had 3 sequels, the last one being made in 2005. So although the sequels do go from bad to worse, I think the franchise isn't exactly an old one - why not remake something like the Psycho franchise?

Secondly, I honestly feel that it would be disrespectful to remake/reboot Brandon Lee's last film, where he was sadly killed on set. So not only is remaking a film like this too soon, but it's a bit of a kick in the face for Brandon and his family, so in that sense, the flick definitely needs to stay untouched.

Last but not least, I feel that this film has gained cult classic status over the years, and it would just be completely stupid and pointless to remake it - no matter the budget, the original will always be better, and it will always be a fan favorite - as is the case with 90% of other classics that have been butchered by Hollywood remakes.

Although it may sound like I am 110% against remakes, I do feel that they can work well. Films that are 40+ years old and pretty darn dated and unwatchable by today's standards are a good place to start - not cult classic 90's flicks, come on! Let's breathe some new life into lesser recognized films from the 30's,40's,50's - add a splash of colour, and a more modern touch.

What do YOU think? Does 'The Crow' need a remake/reboot, or should it be left as it is?


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