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Responsible for some of the greatest films, characters, quotes, and even soundtracks in movie history all together, John Carpenter is (for more reasons than one), a movie legend. And as a result I've decided to list '5 of the Greatest John Carpenter Movies.'

5. The Thing (1982)

One of Carpenter's greatest films. He goes from a masterpiece like Halloween, which has no gore or blood at all, to The Thing, a movie in which the blood, gore and practical effects were at their finest for the time. Kurt Russell does an amazing job in the lead role as usual, and of course the one liners from the film are nothing less than iconic. Definitely one of his best movies.

4. Ghost of Mars

I know I may get some negative feels from several of you for putting this above The Thing. And that's reasonable, but this movie is just another one of my guilty pleasures! Yeah, I know it's a not-so-good film, even Ice Cube admitted that in a recent interview... but it's still pretty entertaining, and can even be pretty darn hilarious at times.

3. Escape From New York

Great plot, great characters, Donald Pleasance is in it, Kurt Russell is in it, and the main theme for the movie is awesome. A well rounded film that's hard not to like, even if you hate movies. Don't let me forget to mention how awesome Snake Plissken is. I think he may even be a heavy influence on the video game character "Snake," from the Metal Gear series.

Further proof of Snake Plissken's awesomeness is shown here from Escape from L.A. the ending scene in which he basically shuts down the earth.

2. Halloween

Carpenter's greatest creation, note how I didn't say movie, I said creation. And I say that because number 1 on this list, or actually any of the other movies on this list hasn't gotten quite as popular as Halloween has. Lots of people say it's the greatest horror film of all time. Not to mention its main antagonist becoming one of the most recognizable faces in film. Then there are things like the creepy quotes, the performances done by Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis, the ending is still talked about today, and the soundtrack is one of the greatest film soundtracks to date. This movie wasn't expected to be anywhere near the place it's at now. With a budget of only $325,000 it has gone on to make $70 million worldwide, resulting in it not only being one of the highest grossing films in 1978 along with Grease and Superman, but was also the highest grossing independent film ever for a long while, unheard of for horror at the time. A true masterpiece!

1. Big Trouble In Little China

This is John Carpenter's best film. Filled with everything a John Carpenter movie is known for. This movie is so incredible and right up my alley for films. It is absolutely filled with TONS of quotes still recited today. I'm not kidding when I say there are about 20 or 30 unforgettable one-liners from this movie. The soundtrack is again incredible as always, the characters are hilarious, and the plot is purely awesome too. For whatever reason it did terrible at the box office back in 1986 though, and that is a complete mystery to me. But it has a massive following now! I do think it's safe to say that John Carpenter outdid himself on this movie and on Halloween as well.

Oh!, and I can't forget to honorably mention They Live, Escape From L.A., and Prince of Darkness, can I?!

But like I always say, these are just my opinions. Thanks for reading, and answer this one question!


Which Of These John Carpenter Flicks Is Your Favorite?


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