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Today I would like to make a case for a possible reboot of “The Legend of Aang, the last Air Bender” movie.

Why? Obviously because the last movie didn't do the animated series any justice.

I'm sure that I, like many people could jump on the soapbox and wax lyrical about the inconsistencies of the script, the characters and the plot but I really don't see the point of retreading old ground. For me it can easily be summed up in one sentence. It had lost it's sense of fun. Shayamalan at some point, must have thought to himself that this was going to be his Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. He became so focused on the epic quest he forgot to have a little fun with it. The actor who plays Aang has a constant frown on his face, he looks like he's in a perpetual state of severe constipation. This is not what Aang is about, throughout the animated series Aang is constantly looking for an escape from his responsibilities as the Avatar. Which is completely normal for a twelve year old kid.

constipated Aang!
constipated Aang!

Waay back in 1993 an actor called Jason Scott Lee was picked to play the role of Bruce Lee in the Biopic Dragon the story of Bruce lee. At the time the directors decision to cast an unknown actor with no history of martial art skills was called into question. In response to this the director stated that it is easier to find and actor and teach him how to fight than it is to find a fighter and teach him how to act. This is where Shayamalan went wrong, he found a kid with no acting experience but was great at martial arts. Then tried to teach him how to act. We can see the end result on the screen.

I'm not going to kick this much maligned dead donkey any further, as I'm trying to build a case for it's return to the screen, I do need to point out some positives. It's actually rather easy, all you have to do is look at the trailer. The movie looks amazing, the few action sequences show perfectly how visually stunning this movie has the potential to be.

Personally I would love to see this directed by someone like Peter Jackson, though admittedly he may be feeling a little burnt out. If we are looking for someone slightly cheaper maybe Stephen Chow, he does comedy and kung fu what more do you need. Paul King's Paddington Bear is doing pretty well so he can do kids movies and has experience of working with CGI animals. What about this for a mad idea, how about the creators, Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko have a stab at making the movie. It's not as if they don't know the source material. Or what about a full length animated Last Airbender movie.

C'mon this series deserves the big screen treatment, the fans as well would love to see someone have another go at it. Someone should start a petition.

If you agree with me that Avatar, the last Airbender deserves another chance on the big screen, please let me know in the comments. Thanks.


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