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Laylla Azarbyjani

I simply love, love, love this film! I laughed the whole way through and it couldn't have been any better. This film was AWESOME!

An ordinary construction worker is known to be the 'special' one saving everyone from the evil Lord Business with his weapon the 'Kragle' a tube of crazy glue. Emmet Brickowski, Wyldstyle, Batman and the others are on a quest to stop Lord Business. They meet different characters along the way which help them out.

I think the storyline of this film was brilliant. It was a surprise to me how towards the end of the film it switched from animation to live action and switched back and forth as the story unfolded even more. I thought that was a fantastic idea and it really went well with the film. Like I said, it was a big surprise to me with this twist.

I highly recommend this film a watch you will love it! Enough said!

Oh and I am not going to lie this song grew on me!

Unfortunately the challenge ends at Day 52 but hopefully we have some more awesome challenges and blogs to come your way very soon!


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