ByRyan Danger Dunbrack, writer at
Ryan Danger Dunbrack

What will happen in Marvel Phase 3, here's all the release dates we know

2015 - Ant-Man - The weird movie we all hope will be good because of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang but we are all concerned about because of Edgar Wright leaving.

2016 - Captain America 3 - Not worried about this movie at all after the Winter Soldier but I do think Bucky will take over the shield in the role Chris Evans said he would be done of by 2016.

2016 - Doctor Strange - We don't know who's playing him yet but I want Johnny Depp or Benedict Cumberbatch.

2017 - ??? - my guess is Thor 3 and will be the last Thor movie

2017 - Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - It's going to be awesome clearly

2017 - ??? - my guess is Ms. Marvel they're going to do a female movie soon or they'll be behind Sony and DC

2018 - ??? - my guess is Black Panther it's already in development

2018 - ??? - my guess is Avengers 3, clearly it's going to happen at some point in Phase 3

2019 - ??? - my guess is The Inhumans, it's in development sort of confirmed


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