ByFrederick FatherChocolate Crew, writer at
Frederick FatherChocolate Crew

I don't know how many, if any, other contributors feel the same way. I'm pretty sure that all smartphones have the capability for it. You would be able to make posts from your phone. Shoot even throw a messenger on it too!

Make this an ACTUAL app this time. Just like Facebook or Vine, the app should be universal.

If you can download and save pictures on your phone, you can make a post. If you want a video on your post, click the share button and it will act as the embed feature that you get on the computer. It would not be that hard, I don't think so anyway. I don't really know how making apps work. From your phone, you can do just what you do on your computer. I think it would be totally awesome if we got this app. Call MoviePilot Mobile or somethin'.


I think we can all agree on an actual functioning mobile app for MoviePilot can't we?


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