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Clint Daniels

Ok, this is one movie I didn't read the book first, and I kind of wish I had. After all the marketing I saw, and all the boasting about how awesome the book was, I expected more than I received out of this movie. If you've seen the movie "Cube"

then, you probably already know the gist of "The Maze Runner". The beginning draws you in, and gets you curious and you begin to think this movie looks like it may be ok. The movie itself was predictable. You know what's going to happen minutes before it actually does. In my opinion all the best parts are in the trailer for the movie.

There are a few parts that aren't in the trailer that are kind of cool, but I kind of wished i'd of waited until it came to video. The acting wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. The story line was good, but there wasn't anywhere near enough character building or back story. No back story is the downfall of many movies. The watcher (you) gets thrown into the action and though these types of movies that get right to the point, TRY to get some back story in there, they always seem to fall short. The film was rather formulaic, hence the predictability.

Out of 5 stars, i'd only rank this one around a 3, The special effects were great, and the story line was good, but it wasn't worth seeing in theaters. If they make a sequel, I hope they do it better than this one.


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