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Okay guys, so a couple of months ago Pixar and Disney announced that they are currently working on the sequel to the 2004 Superhero/Family movie classic, The Incredibles!!

The Incredibles was the one that had the most fan support behind the prospect of a sequel. This hardly comes as a surprise, given that nowadays it is extremely rare for a Superhero film to go without an immediate sequel green light when it makes such an impact at the box office.

But what exactly are the specific aspects of the Incredibles that make it seem instantly worthy of a sequel in the eyes of numerous fans? To help better clarify this point, we have gathered in this article the six most compelling reasons to be optimistic about this prospective sequel.

5. The Original Already Gave A Glimpse Of A Bigger Universe

Think of the first Incredibles for a second. One of its strongest qualities was how it created a Superhero world that incorporated comic book influences while at the same time feeling unique and grounded in its own right. The world of the movie was packed with minor characters both in anecdotal reference (Edna Mode’s “no-capes” montage) and empirical evidence (the victims of Syndrome) that it felt like a small but key story in a universe bursting to tell many others.

In order for the plight of Mr. Incredible to be more relatable, the creative team had to conjure a whole world to surround their main plot. The end result was a film that played fast and loose with references to its own mythology, well aware that the audience wasn't in on it. That was part of the joke, and the film relished it, while still allowing times for the backstory to provide genuine catharsis.

4. It Is impossible For Them To Rehash The Plot Of The Original

The unforgivable sin of any sequel is attempting to make money off the same movie twice. Disney itself made quite a killing in the direct-to-video market with this kind of sequel before Pixar came along (fun fact, Toy Story 2 was originally going to be direct-to-video before the Disney producers read the script and realized it was actually good). The fortunate thing about the way the first Incredibles was structured is that this approach would be virtually impossible.

The climax of the first Incredibles is littered with self-aware teases at a possible sequel, but every one of them is closed up with an obsessive dedication to not leave any open ends. Even the closing moments, wherein a new Villain steps up to find the titular heroes, are handled more as a punchline than anything else. The Incredibles wasn't made to start a franchise, which is why it works so well – following this pattern, the sequel won’t be made to “just be a sequel to The Incredibles”.

3.The Characters Have Much Untapped Potential

The Incredibles is the closest thing Pixar has done to an Ensemble movie outside of Toy Story, albeit with a slightly smaller ensemble. The primary focus was on Mr. Incredible as the protagonist, and everyone else pretty much got equal focus as they learned to function as a family unit. However, it was littered with supporting characters entertaining enough for their own movies – Edna Mode and Frozone being the two standouts.

While making a film around comic side characters never quite works (and Pixar already tried to do that with Mater in Cars 2), these characters would be more than welcome to come back again just as that: supporting characters. Besides, the Incredibles family already has plenty of material to go off: Dash & Violet’s changing lives at school, Jack-Jack’s burgeoning superpowers, combined with them all fighting crime as a family unit – the options are limitless!

2. It Promises More Smartly Subverted Clichés

Pixar was ahead of the Superhero movie game back in 2004, bringing a keen awareness of the genre that has yet to be matched in any live action superhero film. Brad Bird’s screenplay was aware of genre formula, and paid homage to it without letting the cliché undermine the freshness of their concept, which in essence boiled down to “What if a Superhero had a mid-life crisis?”

Since the release of The Incredibles, the superhero film has experienced something of a massive boom, finally blossoming into a more successful genre than ever before. Since 2004, The Incredibles can now play off a seemingly infinite number of “sequel” tropes which influence the genre. The possibilities for commentary are endless, and Brad Bird’s insistence on only returning if the story is compelling only lends more credibility to the idea that this will be a smart story worthy to follow the original.

1. Pixar Is Getting Back To A Story Worthy Of Their Talent

Pixar has had a rough couple of years, let’s be honest. While the critical reception was more favorable to Monsters University, Brave was less universally loved (except by the Academy Awards for some reason) and Cars 2 outright hated by most. Production problems, last minute director changes, and Disney studio oversight has been tarnishing the otherwise flawless quality output from Pixar Animation Studios.

Recently, however, Disney has altered their sequel contract with Pixar, ensuring a higher ratio of original movies to sequels in comparison to their short lived “original movie every other year” contract, which resulted in the studio’s first critical flop. The new contract should (hopefully) allow Pixar to only do sequels to the movies that work as stories in their own right, rather than just merchandizing opportunities. And objectively speaking, it seems they chose the right route with The Incredibles.

So let’s just face it, The Incredibles is the Pixar movie that needs a sequel most. Bring it on!


Are you guys excited for The Incredibles 2?


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