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The Truman Show is, in my opinion, one of the best films of the last 20 years. It was far before its time and completely predicted our 21st Century obsession with reality television.

Though the movie ends at a beautiful moment, with main character, Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey in his finest roll), taking his final bow and first steps into the real world, it has always bothered me that I never found out how Truman fared in the real world. Surely leaving the fictional town of Seahaven must have been quite a shock? Well, it turns out I'm not the only one wondering, some inquisitive minds over at Reddit's Fan Theories have been wondering, too.

I've collected my five favorite theories from Reddit users on what may have happened to Truman, take a look and let me know if you agree in the comments!


1. He would struggle to adjust

User thejayarr predicts that the real world would be a struggle for Truman. He would have trouble with the complex real world he missed out on in Seahaven. He'd be pretty naive and an easy target for shady characters to take advantage of, like a home-schooled kid suddenly joining a school environment - it would take some serious time to adjust.


2. He would have tried to live a quiet life (unsuccessfully)

Ragegage thinks Truman would have tried to enjoy a modest life after the show, working in the insurance industry like he did in the show. They think that Truman would have refused a settlement from the production company of The Truman Show because he felt unentitled to the compensation and would instead try to live a quiet life selling insurance. Unfortunately for the most famous man in the world, living an average life would be very difficult and despite how much he tried to blend in, he would fail at it.


3. He never made it to the 'real world'

UltraMegaMegaMan has an interesting theory: Truman never made it to the real world, he simply stepped into a larger studio. He theorizes that the creators knew Truman would never give up trying to escape, so it was written into the script. They let Truman think he'd made it to the real world but the 'real' people and the director he met were all just actors in a much larger set. This way the show would enjoy a large ratings boost and would continue for many years.


4. Truman was hit by a bus

User I3P predicts a rather speedy end to Truman once he entered the real world: That he would be immediately hit by a bus. His theory is quite a good one as he explains that Truman's entire life in Seahaven was planned around him. All drivers on the road were especially on the lookout for him, therefore his road crossing habits were probably pretty bad.


5. He finally made it to Fiji

User GoesOff_On_Tangent has an optimistic outlook and believes that Truman finally made it to Fiji. Throughout the film Truman dreams of moving to Fiji but his environment and upbringing on the show constantly conspired against him leaving Seahaven for his entire life. Surely one of the first things he would do once he entered the real world would be book a one way ticket to Fiji, right?



Which do you think is the most likely theory?

Source: Reddit


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