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Here's a theory for you: Captain Hook is in exile from Narnia.

Yeah, sounds crazy...but don't all genius ideas? Imma break it down...

In the Peter Pan book, little is known about where Hook came from.

However, we are told for certain that James Hook is a made-up name.


At the end of Prince Caspian, Aslan tells the Telmarines that they are actually the descendants of Pirates from Earth, and then offers to send them back to where their ancestors came from.

This is because the Telmarines are descendants of 'Pirates from Earth'.


Aslan sent the Telmarines to Earth, circa the 17/18th Century.

...which is exactly the time Hook existed - we can place this as he's meant to have gone Pirating with Blackbeard (who lived from 1680-1718).


As there isn't much of an argument yet, lets follow another theory. This section provides a bit of clarity as to the how the Telmarines left Narnia.

As our fan theorist purports:

If Hook was a Telmarine in Narnia, given his nature, it is very likely he would not have stayed on after defeat. He would have traveled to Earth, and being told by Aslan that his people were descended from Pirates, sought out that trade. That explains his commitment to the pirate stereotypes, he is honoring his people in one of the few ways he knows.

Perhaps he also wasn't into the fact that, on Earth, people still worshiped Aslan and had very distinct ties to Christianity. He loved the dressing-like-a-pirate lifestyle, but knowing that travelling between worlds was entirely possible, there was nothing to stop him in going to Neverland. He is at odds with the conventions of civilized society - and wanted out.

What's more, the Telmarines mostly left Narnia because they hated children having power. And, "the Narnian war he fought in was against children, as much as it was against animals. It probably feels natural to him. Honestly he was probably very confused why earth didn't have child rulers."

They also had a big problem with animals, as sentient beasts were a big part of the Telmarines losing the war in Narnia.


We also know that apart from his fear of crocodiles, Hook fears the sight of his own blood, which is of a strange color.

Prince Caspian mentions dwarves and other magical creatures breeding with Telmarines which might also, at least in part, explain why Hook doesn't like his own blood...


So. An exiled Telmarine is a pirate, who hates children and smart animals - sound familiar?

He went to Neverland to try to set up a new Telmar, fighting children and fearing the intelligent crocodile.


Big up to the well-read Redditor - HeWhoHesitates - who spotted this.

Captain Hook is a Telmarine exile from Narnia. I reckon it's totally plausible... What do you think?


Could Captain Hook ACTUALLY be in exile from Narnia?


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