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Sure, children are adorable with their huge innocent eyes and colorful clothes you secretly kind of envy, but they can cause their parents sleepless nights by other means than crying...

When a sweet little kid inexplicably starts talking about faceless demons or crucifying the family pet, it makes the blood run cold like nothing else.

Maybe, they're trolling to relish the priceless look on dad's face, or maybe they are just that tiny bit more connected to the supernatural.

Take a look at the creepiest things to ever spring from the mouths of children gleaned from the good people of Reddit and make your own judgement!

Monstrous Matchmaker

Well, I must pass that helpful tip around. Seems foolproof!


Contemporary Artist in Training

A bright future awaits this budding Hermann Nitsch at an art school that's hopefully not near you!


Faceless Fearmonger

Ummmm, at least it's not technically watching you...


Mirror, Mirror

What?! You don't even need to say three bloody Mary's for the mirror to scare the crap out of you now? This is an abomination.


Goodbye... Forever

I don't know why this dude was checking on the child, this little terror was totally implying that dad's days were numbered. When will people learn that those sweet little faces are just a ploy?!


Grave Injustice

Come on guys, give her a break. Have you ever really looked at a new born? It's an easy mistake to make.


Trolling Toddler

Kids learn trolling at an early age these days.


The Cannibal Kid

Quick! Get the past live regressionist in, I think we have the soul of Cujo on our hands here.


The Ice Cold Realist

Don't worry little one, we have Obamacare now.


Have your little darlings ever said anything that has made you more scared of the dark than they are?

Share your stories in the comments below and if there are enough horrors we will make a fresh new thread just for you!


Kids: Trolling or supernatural?

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