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Too afraid to enter Canada's Nightmare Fear Factory? Me too. Luckily, though, the twisted geniuses at the horror attraction have been photographing people in pitch dark as soon as something jumps out at them... Nice.

These hysterical reactions are ACTUALLY what we must look like when we're frightened. But, to spare the poor folks some dignity (and ourselves a potential lawsuit), we've imagined the terrifying scenes that these fright-seekers have just witnessed... It makes 'em feel better about looking so dumb. Check this out.


This poor family...

It was all going so well, until things turned Sinister.

Sheer, branch-breaking terror.


These guys probably thought that gripping each other's t-shirts would protect them from the horrors of Evil Dead...

Well, I guess they maybe need something to mop up Mia's bodily fluids with.

I only hope they brought some Febreeze, too.


My God, bro!

I thought that was you I was spooning last night...


Get behind me, sweetie, I'll protect you.

Unless... Wait... Oh, holy hell.

Quick, change sides. CHANGE SIDES!


This one's a bit like when your pals dare you to touch something gross, as a kid.

The Amityville Horror, though, takes that thing you're being dared to touch. And runs with it. 20 miles. Right over that hill.

And just keeps on going... Bleugh.


Grabbing his buddy by the upper body probably wasn't the best idea...

When he saw the scene from REC 2.

"Get your hands off me. GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME NOW!!"


A moment before the flash, these guys were sharing a tender embrace...

Until Freddy Krueger happened.

They're now looking into marriage counseling.



Which creepy critters would you least like to be confronted with?

(Source: ViralNova)


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