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With all the excitement surrounding the recent announcement that Deadpool will finally be heading to the big screen, it's easy to forget that there's a whole lot more to the news than just the fact that the Merc with a Mouth is on his way.

So we thought we'd better take a look at what's fact, what's fiction, and what's a frantically conjured rumor created solely on the basis of what we all want to see.

Facts are up top, and bear in mind - the reliability's going to get lower the further down the page you go, True Believers.

So, first up, with the solid facts:

A Deadpool Movie IS Happening

As confirmed by Fox last week, the Deadpool solo movie is a go, and is currently set for release February 12, 2016.

Tim Miller is Still Attached to Direct

Originally hired back in 2011, VFX guru Tim Miller is still - as of right now - set to direct the movie.

You've Already Seen Some of the Screenplay

That magnificent leaked test footage from back in July?

Well, that was directly based on Rhett Reese and Paul Wernicke's screenplay - which is - for the moment - the working draft for the movie.

That Screenplay Has Been Reworked to a PG-13

Tim Miller reportedly revealed this week that the original R-rated Deadpool screenplay was reworked into a PG-13 as a condition of bringing the movie to the screen.

Ryan Reynolds Should Be Returning

The original on-screen Deadpool (from way back in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) has been attached to the movie for years, and clearly sees it as a passion project - but is yet to officially sign on the dotted line.

The Film Is Expected to Be Mainly Live Action

The movie is reportedly set to be largely live action, but there will inevitably be a huge amount of CGI - You couldn't recreate that test footage of a freeway fight without a whole lot of computerized assistance.

There Will Be Cameos are reporting that the original casting process included minor Marvel characters such as Wyre, Ajax, Sluggo, and Garrison Kane, as well as the X-Men star Colossus. That being said, it's not hard to imagine the level of cameo being upgraded now that the film is receiving stronger studio backing.

There Might Be Cable

Because it's [Deadpool](movie:38663), so of course. Will Fox go for one of the much-rumored Cable/Deadpool stories, though?

And, now, our watch begins...And ends in February 2016...


What do you guys think? Will the Deadpool movie turn out more-or-less the way it now seems?



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