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Remember Hulk?

No, not that one.

And, no, not that one either...

Or, in fact, the current Ruffahulk we all know and love.

Instead, remember this one?

Way back in 2003, Ang Lee took a crack at directing the green rage-monster's first modern day adaptation - and it went...poorly. The movie - which starred Eric Bana as Bruce Banner (see what they did there?) - made money, but received a critical mauling, and very little love from fans.

So, when no sequel to the movie appeared, no-one seemed all that bothered - and when the Edward Norton-starring 2008 reboot hit theaters, Hulk was more-or-less forgotten about.

Even, it seems, by the film's co-writer, James Schamus. As quoted by Film Divider, Schamus recently revealed some details about just what the next film would have been like - had he not jumped ship pretty quickly after the film's unfriendly reception:

"I started on Hulk 2, and then quickly decided before anybody made the phone call that I’d make the phone call and say, 'You know what, I’m actually working on a little something something and I’ve got to think about studying for my Bar Mitzvah so we’ll move on. And so that was fine, but I had a really cool idea and it was on like a Native American reservation and it was all about radioactivity and it was really political and like, that would have been awesome."

Which means, had we actually seen a sequel to Hulk, we might have had the chance to see the intensely political superhero movie about radioactivity and human rights that...presumably someone, I guess...has been begging to see.

So, that would've been pretty weird - and, much like the rest of the film's history, a pretty solid blend of potentially awesome, but deeply strange.

I mean, this was a movie in which:

Nick Nolte Played Bruce Banner's Abusive Father

Which doesn't sound that weird, until you remember he then promptly developed electrical powers. Just because.

Steve Buscemi, Johnny Depp, and Billy Crudup Were Reportedly Considered for the Lead

Just to clarify - Steve Buscemi was nearly The Hulk.

Lee Looked to Classic Monster Movies, Faust, and Greek Mythology for Inspiration

But not so much the actual comics.

The Score Was Originally Going to Mostly Feature World Music

Including Japanese taiko, African drumming, and Arabic singing. And then they just got Danny Elfman instead.

It (Indirectly) Led Straight in to the MCU

The only element that the creators of 2008's The Incredible Hulk took from Hulk was Banner ending up in South America - which isn't much, but does mean the movie technically acts as a prequel to the MCU. Just not if you ask Kevin Feige.

All of which is definitely pretty weird - but also could easily have made for one of the most interesting movies ever made. Had the sequel ever happened, who knows what weird brilliance we might have seen?

Or, y'know, we can just be content with the awesome Hulk we currently have:

Because yay, Mark Ruffalo (and yay [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035))


What do you guys think? Would a Hulk sequel have been weird, wonderful, or woeful?



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