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Batman only had enough man hours in his life to protect one city from the scourge of corruption and crime, but imagine what he could achieve if he outsourced his criminal-bashing responsibilities to 542 other Batmen!

Now, thanks to the good folks of the Nexan Headquarters in Calgary, Canada, we've got an idea of what this global Batman franchise's annual get-together would look like. The employees of Nexan have now smashed the world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Batman - and yes, there was actually a previous record to beat. Take a look at the record breakers below:

However, the colony of Batmen (and a few other Batman villains thrown in for good measure) didn't break the record simply to spruce up Nexan's reception area, they also did it to raise money for United Way - a charitable uber-organization linked to hundreds of smaller local charitable efforts worldwide.

Nexan completely trounced the former record of 'people standing in one place while dressed as Batman', which stood at a previously respectable 250. Furthermore, this isn't the first 'superhero-congregation-based-record' Nexan has had under their collective utility belts. Back in 2011 they also set the record for the most people dressed as Superman. Unfortunately, another group in the UK has since snatched away this highly sought-after accolade.

One thing's for sure, if you're thinking of moving to Calgary to start a life of crime, you might want to think again.


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