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There's been a speed bump in the road for the [Power Rangers](movie:1408875) movie today as Deadline reports that due to scheduling difficulties, Roberto Orci has stepped down from his duties as Executive Producer on the film.

Unfortunately Orci has been caught in a scheduling conflict between his duties as an Executive Producer on Power Rangers and as a director on [Star Trek 3](movie:817262) . In addition to stepping away from Power Rangers he has also recently stepped back from the Spider-Man franchise. I guess it's not easy being a popular guy in Hollywood!

Despite the news, we shouldn't worry, Lionsgate and Saban, who have teamed up for the Power Rangers revival, are still reporting that they will be on track for a July 22nd, 2016 release date which is awesome to hear.

But with Orci stepping away there will be a massive gap to fill, who will fill it? Here are my top picks:


Joel Silver

Known for producing action films like Die Hard, The Matrix triology, and Lethal Weapon, surely Joel Silver would make a great executive producer? In addition to all that he worked on the [Veronica Mars](movie:891958) movie earlier this year, proving he can help turned a successful TV series into a movie, why not combine that with an action movie and see what he can do with the Power Rangers?


Steven Spielberg

With an amazing amount of producer credits under his belt, I have no doubt Spielberg would take Power Rangers under his wing and make it the blockbuster it always dreamed of being. I have a feeling that if Spielberg were Executive Producer he would also make sure that the film still retained a bit of that family feel that we loved about the show as kids, and not just turn it into a straight action film.


Tom DeSanto

Tom DeSanto has been a producer behind some of the biggest and most awesome action flicks of late, including X-Men and Transformers. Power Rangers seems to fall in between action and superhero genres and DeSanto could own this project with his knowledge of both.


Frank Marshall

So we can't get Spielberg, what about Frank Marshall? Marshall is a frequent collaborator with Spielberg and has worked on some of the best known action movies of the last 30 years. Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Jurassic World, and Assassin's Creed are all film titles that decorate this talented producers long resume.



Who do you think will take over from Roberto Orci?

Source: Comicbook, Deadline


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