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If you're all about a diabolical villain to really sink your teeth into, then season 6 of The Vampire Diaries has a suitably psychopathic surprise for you!

After big boss, Julie Plec, announced that this seasons 'big bad' would involve a "a long, slow-burn mythology" some of us fans were worried that this force of evil might be a bit of a bore, but it seems they will be anything but...

In a new interview, Plec has really spiced up perceptions of the season 6 nemesis by teasing that they are truly an irredeemable psycho who is rotten to the core. She told Entertainment Weekly that;

There is a villain-esque person in this season that I'm particularly excited about because it does break the mold a little bit of our villains, which seem to be often very redeemable in their own way … And we get to explore the deep, dark minds of a psychopathic personality, so I'm very excited about that

With potential tensions between various shippers in the fandom ahead, it will be great to have someone despicable to unite against. But, who will it be?

With the influx of new characters into Mystic Falls this season, my bet is on one of the newbies... Is Tripp too obvious?


Who do you think this seasons 'big bad' will be?

(Source: Carter Matt via Entertainment Weekly)


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