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An eccentric Californian lawyer is facing a six-month suspension after she was accused of manipulating several images on her business website to suggest she had a whole host of famous buddies, including George Clooney, Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, and the Clintons.

State Bar Court Judge Donald Miles, in issuing his recommendation that Svitlana Sangary have her license suspended, said that the LA attorney used the photos "to confuse, deceive, and mislead the public."

...And they're pretty good, too! Take a look at these:

It's a weird case made infinitely weirder by the fact that when the charges were brought before her, Sangary responded with a "16-page soliloquy with little to no rational connection to the charges at hand." You can read the snippets of Sangary's response for yourself below, but among the references are a comparison to Natalie Portman's controversial final performance in Black Swan, and a mention that President Obama once emailed Sangary to "chip in $3 or more."

Errrm, okay then, Sangary. Take a look for yourselves to see if you can decide what's going on:

Also, with regard to false statements and misleading advertisement, none other than Natalie Portman comes to mind. The online media extensively covers the controversy surrounding Natalie Portman’s performance in the film Black Swan. The ballet dancer who performed in the Black Swan, Sarah Lane, has come forward to revel [sic] a ‘cover-up’ and says that Natalie Portman’s head was superimposed on to Sarah Lane’s body, and that Natalie Portman lied.

What d'you guys think? Is this woman deluded, or just business savvy?


This woman Photoshopping celebs onto her pics...

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