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When you're a star in films like [The Expendables 3](movie:388705), [Fast & Furious 7](movie:264263) and Transporter, like Jason Statham, I'd say you're the type of guy you don't want to mess with. Unfortunately, it looks like TV host Ryan Seacrest didn't get that memo, and when he started flirting with Statham's girlfriend, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, things did not go the TV hosts way!

While Statham and Huntington-Whiteley have been in a relationship since April 2010, there have been constant reports that the Brit couple are on and off again, perhaps then, it's not difficult to see why Ryan Seacrest thought he might have a chance with the 27-year-old, blond-haired beauty.

It was at a recent party that all three were attending that the fracas went down, according to sources: "Ryan was making [Rosie] laugh, and she squeezed his arm...[then] he put his arm around her waist." It was at this point that Statham had seen enough, and went into Hulk mode, the source continued:

Jason couldn't contain himself. He stormed over, looking really annoyed...kept bumping Ryan's arm and almost pushed him out of the way. Rosie was smiling but at the same time clearly trying to calm him down. Jason's anger was evident to anyone who took a look at them. No one really wanted to approach them after that, and they left shortly afterward. Everyone was talking about it later on--it was seriously awkward

Woah, sounds about as awkward as Ryan Seacrest trying to high-five a blind guy...

While I'm definitely not one to defend a guy who has been hitting on a woman in the relationship, I'm not entirely sure the old passive-aggressive arm bump is really the best way to handle things, either!

One thing is for sure, with Fast & Furious 7 coming out on April 3rd 2015, it seems very unlikely that we'll see Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet!


Do you think Jason Statham did the right thing?

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