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Now, as any true fan will know, there are always people out there who just don't get it; those who look at something that makes others happy, and feel the need to look down on it - to mock and to jeer, because they just don't get it.

The rise and rise of Game of Thrones has made the fantasy franchise millions of fans, but it's also given birth to thousands of nay-sayers - doubters who think that the show, and the novels, are lame, just because there are dragons, and dire-wolves, and bastards called Jon Snow who know nothing despite an excellent education. Which, since those are some of the things that make us all love the show in the first place, can be kind of hard to deal with.

So, next time someone makes fun of you for loving Game of Thrones, just remember this - it might just save your life someday.

Or, at least, if you keep a spear handy at all times, it might help you to freak the hell out of a home-intruder, as Jimmy Morgan Jr, a medieval weapons fan from Wichita Falls, Texas, found out recently.

A huge Game of Thrones fan, Morgan was even wearing his beloved Night's Watch shirt when he realized someone was attempting to break into his house. Fortunately, Jimmy had his "very quick, very agile and very deadly" short spear to hand, and had, within seconds, shown the burglar who was boss.

As Morgan put it to local news outlet KFDX:

"He started retreating and I started advancing and I was stalking him here, you never cross your legs, and I cornered him right here."
"The door was locked and shut. He was panicked at this point. He said, 'I can't get out, I can't get out'."
"As he was running, he smeared blood from here to high heaven and he splattered here and he splattered there and splattered all over there. It was like a deer,"
"It's called the SCA. It's a medieval fighting and we do use spears and swords and things of that nature. I don't have a firearm so I have a short spear, very quick, very agile and very deadly,"
"I am a Christian man and I don't want to take life, however I want to make sure that he understands that his life was mine to take. I let him have it."

Now, while we here at Moviepilot in no way advocate menacing anyone with a short spear - especially not for simply making fun of a television series - but it's certainly food for thought that a love of a fantasy series can help equip you to protect your own home - in much the same way that the stoicism of some of its leading characters can help to defend against the mockery of others.

Either that, or the secret's just in all those years of SCA armored combat.

The best part, either way? [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) is still awesome, no matter what anyone else may say...


What do you guys think? Scary, or inspirational?

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