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Well, this is certainly one way to suffer for your craft! Derek Lord, an actor appearing on the new series of [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) has revealed he fractured his wrist and broke a finger while filming Season 5 of the hit TV show, and you won't believe what he did afterwards!

Derek Lord (right) pictured with friend Liam Neeson
Derek Lord (right) pictured with friend Liam Neeson

Lord, a 67-year-old actor, landed the roll as a military officer in the show, but on his first day he unfortunately tripped over a camera track and fractured his wrist and broke his finger, but it was what he did next that proved that this total bad-ass definitely deserved his roll on the show:

Not wanting to disrupt the filming, Lord carried on with his scenes for another three hours. Um, this guy is crazy, if I so much as stub a toe I'm immediately down for the count, let along a fractured wrist and broken finger!

Speaking to the Telegraph about the experience he said:

Throughout filming my wrist got bigger and sorer — after about three hours I couldn’t take the pain anymore and I went to see the first aid guy. He sent me to the hospital and doctors did an X-ray which showed that I had fractured my wrist in two places and broken one of my fingers. Thankfully I had managed to film all my dialogue.

Oh yeah, I seriously injured my hand but thankfully I had managed to film all my dialogue?! Now I know how he got the part on Game of Thrones - with an attitude like that, you'd be silly not to want him as a military officer. Someone give him some lands and a title, ASAP!

Lord admits that he was a massive fan of the show and the Season 5 part was a dream come true, and after hearing about what he suffered through just to ensure he finished his dialogue - I believe him!

Game of Thrones Season 5 returns to screens in 2015.


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Source: Greenock Telegraph


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