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Now, there have been a whole lot of strange things to come out of the Star Trek franchise: Shape-shifters, omnipotent multi-dimensional beings, and Quark are just a few of them. I mean, there's William Shatner's singing career. Darwin the Beagle on Enterprise. Leonard Nimoy's singing career. Whoopi Goldberg.

(Actually, scratch Whoopi Goldberg off the list. Guinan was awesome.)

That being said, though, we might just have come across one of the very weirdest...

(Fair warning, though, you may never be able to look at Deep Space Nine's Odo the same way ever again)

Yup. That's a disembodied (disem-headed?) Odo face mask - and it's pretty weird, I guess.

This, though. This is the good stuff:

And...that's some seriously creepy stuff.

Which, because it's Rene Auberjonois, and Odo was bad-ass on DS9, is downright awesome to begin with.

The fact that he's auctioning off some of his old masks to benefit Doctors Without Borders, though?

That means the awesome just keeps right on coming.

Now, to see if [Star Trek 3](movie:817262) can match up to this peculiar piece of wonder.


What do you guys think? Is Odo's (disem-headed) mask awesome, or way too creepy?

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